Yes, there are of course some measures we are compelled to take… It’s for safety of everyone, and I hope this will not upset you. The aim is to make them as invisible as possible, but as effective as they can be !


We will fully refund what we received !!!


  • If MoveOn organizers decide to cancel
  • If borders are closed
  • If Swiss Government bans such public events
  • If your scheduled trip is impossible due to restrictions (Borders closed / quarantine), and no other “normal” trip is possible.

In all these cases, whatever the dates you have registered, you will be fully refund, and only the bank fees, if any, will have to be taken from original received amount.

  • If you decide to cancel, or any other reasons than mentioned above.

The normal cancellation fees apply.


Minimum constraints, maximum safety


  • All your contacts are confidentially stored and will be used if any of you is tested positive in a 2-week delay.
  • Masks are welcome but not mandatory.
  • Washing hands or disinfecting them, when you arrive, between dances, before / after coming to the bar… etc… as many times as you can think of… is mandatory.
  • No need to write your name entering the parties (you are logged automatically)
  • No need to have a dance partner list (with whom you danced) since we take it that you had directly or indirectly contact with all members.

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