Project Description

Alex & Christelle

From France

The beginning of their history…

Christelle and Alexandre teach in Geneva since 2012, in the school of Jang Widler.
They began with regular classes in Geneva, which they still teach.
In 2011, they register for the first international events and competitions.
They have been teaching internationally since 2013 and are regularly requested in different WSDC and non-WSDC events.
Alexander is also eligible to be Chief Judge at WSDC events.
They have been competing in the All-Star division since 2015 and are still competing.


West Coast Swing

Their successes

• 1st place en JnJ & 1st place en strictly au Winter White (Oslo)

Alexandre :
• 2nd place Strictly AS/Champion Floorplay Vacation (Floride)
• 3rd place JnJ Floorplay Vacation (Floride)
• 1st place JnJ AllStars West in Lyon
• 1st place Stictly Open West in Lyon

Christelle :
• 1st place en JnJ All-Star Floorplay Vacation (Floride)
• 1st place Strictly AS/Champion Floorplay Vacation (Floride)