Project Description

Misha & Ira

From Russia / Moscow

The beginning of their history…

We met by chance, but quickly realized that our goals and desires are the same. We both give dancing most of our time and effort; because this is the only way you can achieve great results. We work together and, despite the complex nature of both of us, we try to understand each other and dance outside of the dance floor. A partnership is not only the joint exercises. We try to help each other also on a purely human manner, and thus, creating a warm atmosphere around us, just giving professional help and building to our students.

When I came to my first practice in hustle, I seriously wondered if I wanted to do it. This dance seemed more social than sport. I thought that it would never be able to replace my ballroom dancing. But over time, Ira “dragged” me to the dance; she just made me love it. And now I am happy to train, I am serious about the winning and losing competitions and love to share my skills with others.

By Ira:
Since I started dating Misha, my complete life has changed. He showed up at a time when I needed it the most. Interestingly, one day, he told me the same thing, that I came into his life at the very moment when all “was falling appart” and so he needed someone’s support. Sometimes we, as all couples fight, and don’t want to see each other anymore, but that’s it, all comes back to normal very quick; these are little things compared to the trust and understanding that lives between us. Since the beginning of our common active training, we both have significantly increased our level of dancing. We won a lot of prizes at the Russian tournament and reached the international level. I realize this is quite ambitious, but we are working hard to take part in foreign competition and defend the honor of Russia and our club.



Their successes

Together :
• 8th : 2008 – European Championship in Switzerland
• 1st : 2008 – Cup winners Bodenzeya in Germany
• 1st : 2009 – Finalists of the World Cup in Moscow
• 1st : 2010 – Champion of Moscow
• Fin.: 2010 – Finalists of the World Championship
• Fin.: 2011 – Finalists of the World Championship
• Fin.: 2012 – Finalists of the World Championship

Ira :
• 1st : 2017 –
• 2st : 2015 –
• 4st : 2015 –

The rest of their history…