MoveOn event has an amazing team!
Sarah (Cattering),
Daric (Volonteers),
Daric & Nastia (Dance + general)

Whole year through this team is working for you.

Thanks to Sarah & Paul, the event has been fantastically upgraded cattering (food and drinks). This year, due to feedbcks, we are trying a new formula… more flexible, more choices, larger range of prices :
– Bring Your Own
– Order online

Laurane is now our “image & communication” mistress !!! And we obey everything she says ;-) !!!

Thanks to Daric & Nastia, this event exists. They pushed this event very hard and were taking care about this event several years. They were travelling around the world for choosing the best teachers for you and collecting the best ideas.
Daric takes care of the volonteers for this year as well…

Now we are together. We are team. All the great time, laughs, and hard work we did during the planification of the event which will be better and better to our hopes, and your expectations !

We try to think of everything we can… Which does not mean everything :-)

If you have any suggestion, you are very welcome to share it with us through our contact form !!

DJs, Photo, Video

DJs are the key to a great Party!

Thank youuuuuu :

Photographer & Videographer
Anastasia Lion


OK, a sponor is not exactly part of the staff team… Nevertheless, each one of them is central to us!

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