Daric & Nastia

From Switzerland & Russia

The beginning of their history…

Daric has really an atypical road in dance… He was not at all supposed to come to this community. Born and raised in French part of Switzerland, he studied physics and nano-technology-material in highest Polytechnical Swiss school. During his studies, he started Latin Ballroom because of her girl friend who forced him to, 3 month latter he was given a choice : her or dance… Guess what he chose? When a friend of his came up with a bet about a Discofox competition in 3 weeks, he just had to learn alone about this dance… this was in 1994!!! He quickly built up a technic which is NOT latin, but comes from it. So he used his technical knowledge principles, and his search for overall rules in order to give to this dance, he fell in love with, all the best of his heart, allowed him to win ALL Swiss Championships he participated to from 1995 to 2006, and was at last Vice-Champion Europe and World.

He competed until 2006, and decided then to share as more as possible what he had discovered during both, teaching in Switzerland, and competing at the highest level. So he now travels for more than 10 years around the world to make others think about what is this dance after all.

His philosophy is simple : trying to go as deep as possible in technic. But not forgetting that technic is only a tool used to dance better, and show feelings… feelings of all three parts : the leader, the follower, and the couple. So yes, it’s all about frame, connection, steps but also about intention, surprise and life.

Nastia was born and grew up in Moscow. And now she lives in French part of Switzerland. She started out with gymnastics. Hence was given sports interest and perseverance, and a “little” flexibility. Since childhood, she loved to dance. She was 12 when she made her first steps in a couple dance. Though a whole year without any partner, Nasia danced ballroom dancing. But happily her Ballroom career ended. However, when she turned out 20 she found out about hustle (discofox). She developed her own style and were co-owner of 2 big schools in Moscow. Also she was part of new Discofox orginizations (founded in 2008) which helped to bring community to the highest level of the world. Now she is dancing Hustle / Discofox for more than 13 years and trying the spread this style around the Europe.

Also one of her favorite dance is West Coast Swing. Having tried it once, loved it a lot. At the initial stage, it was difficult to combine the two dances, and WCS had to be postponed for a couple of years. But now she has the strength and resources to do both. To date, she is All-Star dancer and actual judge. Also she developed her own intensives about Lady Styling in the couple or solo dance.




West Coast Swing

Their successes

Daric :
4th : Swing Dance America, wcs+hustle Champions JnJ (2017)
1st : Swiss championship (1995, 1999-2000, 2005-2006, 2015-2016)
2d : Russian championship (JnJ 2012)
2d : Wolrd championship (2005, 2006)
2d : Europe championship (2005, 2006)

Daric :
3d : Italian Open 2017, Open Strictly (2017)
3d : French Open 2017, Open Strictly (2017) (2015)
4th : Swing Dance America, wcs+hustle Champions JnJ (2017)
1st : Swing Dance America, Advanced JnJ (2017)
1st : Swedish Swing Summer Camp, Advanced JnJ (2016)

Nastia :
4th : Swing Dance America, wcs+hustle Champions JnJ (2017)
1st : Swiss championship (2015-2016)
1st : Russian championship, Absolut (2009-2010)
1st : Russian championship, JnJ (2008-2009)
1st : Champions Cup, Russia, Absolut (2010-2011)

Nastia :
3d : Italian Open 2017, Open Strictly (2017)
3d : French Open 2017, Open Strictly (2017)
4th : Swing Dance America, wcs+hustle Champions JnJ (2017)
2d : Scandinavian Open, All-Stars JnJ (2017)
1st : Anchor Festival, Advanced+ All-Stars JnJ (2017)

The rest of their history…

How it started

In 2006 Daric became Vice Champion in World and Europe Discofox for second time… And was asked to come in Moscow to give workshops… Nastia was already there, and they met this way. With no other possibility to communicate than by dance… What they did each year once… 2007… 2008… Then Daric did not come anymore until 2012, where Miss twice Russian Champion judged by his side. During May 2012 at WCS French Open, they decided to be couple, in love, live and soon in dance… Continuing each on his side to grow, they finally met on same dance floor as couple in dance in November 2012, where Nastia and Daric, by luck danced together and won the WestieFest in WCS intermediate, went to ½ final in Russian Championship Absolut, and Daric got second place in Russian Championship JnJ! Now they are Swiss Discofox Champions and both are competing in different divisions of WCS.


Daric and Nastia are among the strongest teachers in the techniques and different concepts of the dance. They have more then 13 years of teaching experiance. They developed their own intensive programs. They are coaching couples around the Europe, choreographing routines and shows for them, their students and different dance events, still performing with their shows and running several DiscoFox and WCS events in Switzerland. They are active dancers and judges, working special coaching programs for judges and teachers and holders of dance schooles.

Their goal is to make the Discofox and WCS community grow with the “emotional” aspect strongly represented. Through the music, through the partner, and using technic with new concept, but keeping the nature of the dance. The technic is a tool for them to be able to express themselves and not a goal. Musicality is one of the most important tool to live through the dance.
To date, Daric and Nastia hold numerous workshops on both Russia and Europe Discofox, and on West Coast Swing.